Here are some things I've either worked on in the past or are currently working on right now that I'm particularly proud of.


Snapspot is an app to help photographers store, organize, and find great photography locations. Keep track of which photo spots work well with different cameras, lenses, and image types, as well as get helpful contextual information to help you best plan your photo adventure.

Find and track amazing photo locations Website

Open Source

Here are some open source projects I've worked on in the past, in no particular order. You can find these and more posted on my GitHub profile.

  • delightful - add delightful details to your web apps
  • koa-field-checker - easily verify field existence in Koa
  • node-api-seed - an opinionated API template for Node.js
  • mirus - my hobby operating system written in Rust
  • dotfiles - my dotfiles
  • distroid - small Ruby gem to determine what Linux distro an app is running on


Phobos is the alias that I use when producing music. I mostly produce for fun, but always love to share my songs with whoever wants to hear them. You can follow Phobos on SoundCloud and Spotify.