Here are some things I've either worked on in the past or are currently working on right now that I'm particularly proud of. With some exceptions, the projects on this page are free and open source - the code for those is on my Github.


Snapspot is an app to help photographers store, organize, and find great photography locations. Keep track of which photo spots work well with different cameras, lenses, and image types, as well as get helpful contextual information to help you best plan your photo adventure.

Currently in development - behind the scenes updates are being posted on this blog, so stay tuned! Release date: Fall 2017

Check out to sign up for the mailing list and get notified when it launches (don't worry, I'll never spam you)


Mirus is my hobby operating system. Built to learn more about how computers work on a deeper level, as well as to play with various ideas about operating system development I've wanted to see play out. Kind of on-off development, and currently being rewritten in Rust.

Learn more about Mirus at its website or check out the kernel source code on Github:

Open source projects

Here are some open source projects I've worked on in the past, in no particular order.

  • koa-field-checker - easily verify field existence in Koa
  • node-api-seed - an opinionated API template for Node.js
  • distroid - small Ruby gem to determine what Linux distro an app is running on

Hackathon projects

Occasionally my friends and I enjoy participating in hackathons. Here are some hackathon projects that I have been a part of in years past.

  • fiesta - node.js based event management and ticketing application (hackathon entry)
  • smartchart - digital chore chart designed to run on tablets with gamification features